MSK Contracting Company was established in the year of 2002.

Since its inception, MSK Contracting Company has been engaged in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, office buildings, hospitals, schools, mosques, courts.

Established as a leading turnkey construction firm of recognized capabilities and accomplishments,

For 15 years, and tens of projects, MSK Contracting Company successfully delivered a diversity of projects in the Eastern and Central Provinces, ranging from office buildings, shopping malls, courts, mosques, residential building, housing accommodations, warehouses. Our completed projects continue to stand as testaments to our unequaled experience, an unfailing commitment to excellence, and our leading role in shaping our country’s infrastructure and economic development.

We, at MSK Contracting Company, have the experience, skill, and resources to tackle the most challenging construction under the most demanding schedule. Our on-time delivery, on-budget performance, management savvy, engineering know-how, innovation, and unrivaled dedication to safety, are but few reasons why MSK Contracting Company is the full-service heavy contractor to trust.

MSK Contracting Company maintains highly professional standards in procurement and construction, with due consideration to quality control, loss prevention and scheduling requirements. Our record of careful planning, sound management, safe worksites, and on-time performance shows respect for the natural environment while minimizing traffic disruption and other inconveniences where we work.

Safety, quality, punctuality is what makes MSK Contracting Company one of the leading contractors and allows us to deliver and handle more projects year after year.

MSK associates are the key to our success, we believe in our people and we train, develop and motivate to assure having the right team for the job. Our people believe in us and most of our staff have been working within this country for the past 10 years under our umbrella.


Mohammed Sobhi Elkhansa

Mohammed is the founder of MSK Contracting and has been working as a General Manager and Chief Engineer, Mohammed is a Civil Engineer graduate in the year on 1975, he has been working within Saudi Arabia since 1979 with several construction companies as a Civil Engineer, Project Manager, Chief Engineer. His experience within the industry and the market has helped MSK Contracting to develop in a short period of time and hold hundreds of projects in the Kingdom